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I called Love, Beal & Nixon tomake my first attempt a payment arrangements. Although I am a stay at home mom, and they can not garnish me, I still want this off my credit.

The first operator, a young female, not respectable enough to be referred to as young woman, named Max Moore?, was horrible. She told me get a job and call back. I though they wanted this debt paid. She then told me ask someone to pay it, and repeatedly refused to setup a payment plan, she eventually transferred me without saying a word.

The next operator female was Jodie Greer. This woman was born in the depths of ***. She refused to make payment arrangements, she refused to tell who the last representative was I spoke with saying, "You should have asked when you were speaking to her!" That comment made me request a supervisor. She giggled and said, " Yeah, I'll send you to 'someone'." I said, "No, not someone, your supervisor." She laughed and repeated she will send me to someone.

A young male named Troy R. got on the phone and had no sense of apathy for the way these operators were acting. He just asked about the payment arrangement. What makes it so funny is the letter and the automated system both say, "It is our responsibility to treat you with courtesy and respect." Ha, that is so far from what they actually do.

The calls are recorded, but I doubt anyone actually listens. Why don't you make the call and find out how horrible they are?

Toll Free 1-888-557-5053.

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Sorry, but you would not be in this situation if you paid your bills.


I actually thought they were really nice. The lady working with me quickly made arrangements on my debt (which is legit, and I do want to pay it), and worked out a plan better than what I orginally wanted to do, so it gives me options.

I also think it depends on who you get. I found out about mine through the Internet, and I called them.

And I have not been served yet as of this message. And I have arrangements made on it.


I just had a run in with them and they refused 3 times my settlement offers as well as my payment options I could make. Horrible service and further action will be taken


I am dealing with them right now. My "case worker" is Debbie.

When my account was first turned to them She was EVIL! Mean and hateful. I set up a payment plan, but defaulted after the first paymet. I got a call from her yesterday asking if i would be able to pay the amout i was behind.

She said that if i didn't my account would be turned to court today to have my checks garnished. She was really patient on the phone call with all my questions. As all of this kind of confuses me. I though that you had to go to court before they can garnish you.

All I have is a letter stating that the judge has reached a decision.

And now i will be garnished. Am i just really confused or is this right?


Wonder if Love Beal & Nixon will be in serious trouble.

do to the FBI's investigation & the Banks. I mean its not like the law firms don't know what's legal & what's not.

Ratchathewi, Krung Thep, Thailand #24316

The first thing to do is answer the letter, or summons & petition

Request the original application with your signature, statements, and the last pay date on it. If they cannot provide that info show up for court & ask the Judge to dismiss the summons. They may later get that info & refile the s&p. Some Judges in Okla will not grant Jmt if they dont have the info.

WHATEVER you do dont make a payment that reactivates the statutes to the date you make that pmt.

if you made a pmt to another debt collection place..they have to provide that info otherwise the statute of limitations may be out..its 5 yrs in okla. Remember that if you have to go to court.

Also if you cant afford to be garnished or make pmts file a CFE claims for exemption the judge will lower the pmts or totally grant the CFE so that you dont have to make ANY pmts. But you will still have a Jmt & it can go against your property & if you want to purchase property you will have to face this debt. They renew the Jmt every 5 yrs so it never goes away.

I had a run in with Jodie Greer she shouldve retired by now. I swear she was in the original okla land run & the other spvsr is Troll Rigsey not Troy.

Corwith, Iowa, United States #22697

I contacted Love, Beal, and Nixon within 2 business days of receiving a collection letter. The lady I spoke to Carol Nixon was beyond rude, overly aggressive, etc.

I was polite and explained to her I would work out payment arrangements and that she didn't need to speak to me that way. She told me they were not there to finance my debt and went on to tell me to get a second mortgage, cash out my 401k, cash in insurance policies, or get someone else to pay like my parents or grandparents. Since I don't have a mortgage, 401K, or whole life insurance those are not an option. Asking my parents and grandparents who are on social security is absurd.

She asked me to send her information on place of employment, length of service, and salary. I faxed that information to her within 2 business days. During that time I received another letter stating I had not complied with contacting office. I again contacted the office on 6 different times and dates.

The filed a law suit without discussing payment arrangements nor responding to the information they requested that I provided.

So the statement "be assured you will be treated with courtesy and respect" as stated in every letter they have send is not a true statement. The sad part is they probably only paid .01-.03 on the dollar for this debt and they will not even accept payments unless it's by their rules or not at all.

Carver, Minnesota, United States #13550

I actually thought these people were nice and helpful. After all, I did borrow the money, I do owe the debt.

I just didnt have the money back then.

They worked with me, maybe its just the operator you happen to get ahold of? I got ahold of 2 and thought they were very polite and didnt mock at my situation.

Carver, Minnesota, United States #13518

These guys served me so I called them. I talked to several really nice people there and was able to settle my credit card with my tax return.

They saved me $700 and placed the lawsuit on hold because I was willing to pay.

I go to Church with an attorney and he told me NOT to deny it if I really owed it because it will only cost more in interest & court fees. He was right!

Dmitrovsk-Orlovskiy, Orel, Russian Federation #12201

They sent me a court summons two months after the date. What do I need to do?

I had them verify the debt and they just sent me back a paper saying it was verified. ***.

So, what should I do? Havent heard from them since but I want this off my credit.

Belmont, Michigan, United States #11926

pop em off as they walk in , lol

Wilmington, Vermont, United States #10336

Last I knew, the supervisor name is a gentleman named Jim, not Troy. If this helps any.

Pharr, Texas, United States #9938

II am dealing with these vermin right now, too. If I were in your position, had tried to make payment arrangements and LBN refused them, tell that to the judge when you go to court, and definitely show up in court to answer the summons.

I know people that tried to make payments to creditors which the creditors refused. The judge threw out the cases when it happened because the creditor is not acting in good faith to resolve the issue.

You can only pay what you can afford to pay. The judge realizes this even if LBN doesn't.

Good luck :(

Narberth, Pennsylvania, United States #8255

First rule of thumb with them is never, ever admit to anything. Second, whenever they file something, file a response immediately and stop them from getting a summary judgment. Also, document all of their flagrant violations of the FDCA and include those in your counterclaims.

These people are abusive and will walk all over you. You have to fight back because they know they can get by with it 99% of the time. When they see you're serious, then they will find that they are not as impervious as they would like you to believe.

There are several forums that have people who dealt with them successfully. I was one of them and know for a fact that once you call their hand with plenty of documentation and a cool head, they're stuck. Just don't allow them to proceed without challenging every step by first denying the debt, questioning the debt's validity, and then documenting how they mistreated you.

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